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Thank you for your interest in our Community based mentoring programs. At this time we are only accepting new referrals from our partners within Family Resource Networks or youth and families with involvement with Children and Family Services. These referrals can be submitted to Rachel Leaf at or by calling 780-490-6843.

Due to overwhelming requests for mentorship and connection over the last several months, we have had to close our general intake for new youth applications. We’re continuing our efforts in Volunteer Recruitment and are excited to be piloting a new site-based mentoring program this Fall to better serve the youth who are currently on our waitlists. We hope to increase our capacity for new youth in the future.


Kids Are the Future

It’s so important for kids to have tools and supports they need to be successful. We know that sometimes Moms and Dads and caregivers of all kinds can’t do it all by themselves and it’s important that you know we are here to help. Your concern for your child’s well being is demonstrated when you reach out to others. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters serves children and youth between the ages of 6 and 24. Regardless of their circumstances and background, we have a program to meet their needs and help them grow into thriving young people. We do that by providing a variety of mentoring and after school programs. Ultimately, we want to provide kids with the healthy relationships and enriching experiences they need to understand their full potential and go out there and grab it.


Our programs increase kids’ confidence and self-esteem, improve their grades in school, help them have positive interactions with peers and adults, and keep them out of trouble.

Program Options

Community Big Brothers Big Sisters Program

*Note: We are currently only accepting new referrals from our partners within Children Services and Family Resource Networks.

The Community Big Brothers Big Sisters program is one mentor (adult volunteer) and one mentee (child/youth) spending time together building a friendship based on trust, support, common interests, and fun! Bigs and Littles participate in a variety of activities – everything from riding bikes, skating, reading, working on homework, cooking, playing video games to just talking and sharing with each other. The focus is on friendship and new experiences. Volunteer Bigs (Mentors) are asked to be able to give a minimum of one hour a week or every other week for the duration of a year. Volunteers in this program are meeting youth out in the community evenings or week-ends.

In School Mentoring Program

The In School Mentoring Program is a way to get involved with a child. It allows volunteers (mentors) to share time with a child in their school during the school day. Mentors meet with the students following the 20-20-20 rule: 20 minutes of getting to know each other and catching up, 20 minutes of school work or reading, and 20 minutes of free time. In addition to friendship, the focus is on literacy, social support and classroom support. Volunteers in this program are meeting youth in their schools during the school day (lunch hours even!). Matches in this program do not meet over the summer. Great opportunity for businesses to support their employees to get involved in a local volunteer program, and only have to give up an hour of their time each week!

Currently we have partnerships for in school mentoring programs at Brentwood Elementary, Woodbridge Farms Elementary, Glen Allan Elementary, and Holy Spirit Catholic School.  Other schools interested in learning more can reach out to Alexandra Jansen at for more information. 

Teen Bigs

High school students (grades 10-12) are supported as mentors to mentees in partnered elementary schools (grades 1-5).  Programs generally run over the lunch hour once a week from November to May, although recruitment and training of teens for this program begin in September with our partnered schools.   Currently Salisbury Composite High School and Archbishop Jordan High School partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters Strathcona to support this program. 

Other high schools interested in learning more, please contact Alexandra Jansen at or phone 780-566-2982.


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What To Expect

Our Role

  • Ensure the safety of our children and youth and our volunteers.
  • Work with you to match your child with a volunteer or program where their interests and availability are considered.
  • Assign a direct contact person to provide support and answer your questions
  • Provide orientation and training so you know what to expect.
  • Help ensure the child is successful.
Your Role

  • Work with us to make sure your child’s needs are met
  • Support your child in building relationships and/or participating in programming
  • Talk, listen, support, guide, encourage – believe in them and help them believe in themselves.
  • Keep our staff informed about any changes and progress
  • Keep in touch with your staff contact person and ask questions as they arise. We also really like hearing about your experiences!